Paint Preparation

No! You pull up in front of your house one day and notice some flaky paint on your house. You go around out back to empty the trash and there it is again more flaky paint. The next thing you hear is "honey we need to paint the house". If your like most homeowners many hard working folks can't afford the high price that painting contractors charge for painting your home, So you decide that your going to do it yourself. You take a close look around your homes exterior and find that there is more paint flaking off than you originally thought.

You notice that there is dust and dirt stuck to places you never dreamed possible. Who would have guessed that so many spiders, bugs and wasps were living there with you. No that's not why your electrical bill is so high. You brush your hand on the side of the house and your hand is full of chalky residue caused by years of weathering and oxidation by the sun. Upon further inspection you find that parts of your exterior is being taken over by something much worse, Green and black mold. If by now your thinking this can't be good, then you've made a good assumption, but there is no need for panic. Pristine Pressure Cleaning can handle even the worst paint preparation issues. When we arrive we will first apply a mildewcide and a house wash detergent to all exterior walls, fascia, soffits, around windows, doors, etc... To kill any mold, mildew and fungus. Painting over these without killing and removing them will only allow them to eat through your fresh paint in a matter of months if not weeks making all your hard work a complete waste of time. These are living organisms that eat organic materials such as the one found in paint. The second step consists of pressure cleaning to remove all loose flaky paint, chalk residue, dirt, dead mold and of course your unwanted non-paying tenants, spiders, bugs and wasps. Once this process has been completed and left to dry you will be ready for priming and painting your house. Painting your own home can be both fun and rewarding but remember the most important part is preparing the surfaces which are to be painted. In turn this will give your home a longer lasting paint job that will look great for years to come. So stop worrying about where to start. We'll take care of that! All you need to do is start picking out colors and finding phone numbers of long lost friends and family to invite over to help you paint.

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