Pool Decks and Enclosures

Many folks enjoy gathering around the family pool all year round here in North Carolina. Its the perfect place to entertain, relax, have barbeques or to just cool off on a humid day. Unfortunately, your not alone when you think that this is a great place for a retreat, You do have unwanted gue,

Mold, Mildew, Fungus and bugs also believe that this is just the greatest place to hang out and grow. Pool decks especially those that are enclosed create a perfect environment for mold, algae, saprophytic fungus and its spores to grow and spread. These areas create a cooler, darker and moist habitat which is a perfect breeding ground. Once these spores have landed on your pool enclosure and drip onto your pool deck area they begin to feed on organic matter including any organic materials used in the process of making such products as pool equipment, toys, patio furniture, etc.

These and all items in its path, left untreated will eventually begin to breakdown and need to be replaced. Sitting on patio furniture and walking around on pool decks in this condition can lead to health problems such as allergies, skin irritations and athletes feet. It is also a well known fact that these spores are tracked into your home where they become airborne and are circulated by fans, air conditioning systems and normal everyday traffic. Having your pool deck and enclosure and outdoor furniture professionally cleaned and sanitized can help to eliminate such problems from occurring. Pristine Pressure Cleaning will chemically treat your aluminum screen enclosures, screens, pool decking and all patio furniture. We then apply a detergent to all surfaces and power wash them leaving you with a clean, fresh and safe environment to entertain the guests that you want, not the ones that you don't want.

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